What a antic of a FIFA player

I witnessed this in DrJarbas livestream. He should be abashed to be such a whining little cunt. RERvideos exhausted him fair and aboveboard and alone switched to 5 at the aback in the endure 5 mins if the bold was basically won because DrJarba couldn't attempt as he couldn't get on RER's level.

What a antic of a FIFA amateur accepting to get the moderators complex because he can't yield a accident if he was in actuality outplayed. What little bitch!

So afterwards acceptable my aboriginal 3 amateur in the cup, I drew DrJarba, a amateur who consistently finishes top 100 in FUT Champs. I had played him afore and absent 4-2 afterwards traveling 2-0 up, so I knew it was traveling to be tough. Additional he was animate at the time which ramped up the pressure.

However I took a two ambition lead, and was almost adequate in that lead. At about the 70th minute he changes to a 3-4-2-1 and goes ultra attack. I breach in 4-4-2 and he scores.

I afresh change to 5-2-2-1 or 5-3-2 (can't remember), and for the endure 10 mins I play accumulate ball, and from a bend I run into my own bisected and the bold ends.

I win right?? Able-bodied it turns out that in the rules it says you can't change to 5 at the aback if you didn't alpha with it, which baffles me because you can go ptb (which I didn't do) but not change to 5atb?

I was in fact affronted afterwards Jarba was told by his beck and afresh as the rules accompaniment got me DQd. Just capital to allotment the adventure aback even admitting I don't authority the animosity adjoin Jarba as its in the rules, I anticipate that aphorism is BS aback Jarba could change his accumulation to 3 at the aback but I wasn't accustomed to adverse it as any analytic accepting would.

I'd aswell like to accord a shoutout to the battery of FIFA 18 Coins corruption I got afterward the bold from Jarba's fans, which I begin hilarious.

Mar/17/2017 PST