My aboriginal big acquirement in FIFA

I acquire Pogba. My aboriginal big purchase. For 100 amateur he was non existant. Couldnt l9cate him on the field.Then he woke up, started to ageclike a accomplished wine.

Now hes accepting goals or assists about anniversary game. Crazy. At 200 amateur 67 goals 47 assists and thats afterwards alone a brace in the 1st 100.

My advice, and buck in apperception i deceit even authorize for wl, is to play him at cam. Not cm or cdm which i did in the 1st 100. And if you are larboard accessible anywhere abreast the top of the box blaze it at a bend of the goal. Scores about every time.

Edit: looked atvthe pic now. Impaired me. Backpack on.

My div 1 acceptable aggregation I upgraded a few players, Gomez of Barca to SIF N'zonzi, IF tolisso, started disturbing immediatly! Changed aback and aback to normal, maybe a brainy thing, but account abundant added with lower rated.

No lies, SIF Iborra is the realest absolute accord that you can get for a steal. He's like 40k and he controls the midfield like a taller Vieira. Wins every attack that comes his way and is abundant on corners.

Passes absolute able-bodied and has a banging attack if you anytime activate yourself on the bend of the box with him. Surprisingly doesn't even feel that bulky for 58 clip but you absolutely can't acquaint how apathetic he is. 100% Recommended.

I deceit get Pogba to do bits its like accurate feet. I may just advertise him. i dont even apperceive anymore. This year I face the aforementioned meta body and its just ugh.

Is it account advance in Payet? Thauvin can't get aback to aback IF's and Payet did get two assists, idk if that's abundant but maybe he ability acceleration absolutely off advertising amid now and next Wednesday.

He hasn't gone up yet. In actuality he was advancing down in bulk harder appear the afterwards stages of the game.I bought one for 70k because realistically: I will either lose 10k max or accomplish a abundant bulk when/if he does get his IF.

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Mar/11/2017 PST