I win DKT every time I play

Division 1 is not fun, I'm not aggravating to ruin added people's experiences, I'm aggravating to accept fun myself and in actuality adore fifa.

I win DKT every time I play, but what abroad is there for me to do? I would play online individual matches but I consistently appear up adjoin appropriately akin players, and it's basically the aforementioned as arena in Division 1 lol.

How is assault humans worse than you fun...?It's not about assault worse players lol, I can relax and play, afterwards accepting to absolutely apply on the game.

I don't attack lol, I get aristocratic about every week, but I accept to apply acutely harder and it's not actual enjoyable.

I got to DKT because I apperceive I don't accept to fucking diaphoresis my assurance off for the win. I can alpha skilling, etc.

Honestly, I don't accept this, if you're not acceptable at the bold fut champions is not for you. You accept 6 tries to authorize and if you're disturbing and I exhausted you, it will save you from the annoyance if you play WL. I'll abide to play DKT because that's what I acquisition adequate and enjoyable.

If you're one of those players disturbing to qualify, you charge to get bigger at the bold instead of accusatory about accepting exhausted by acceptable players.

I play like beneath than 10 amateur of fifa during weekdays and fut champions every 2 weeks, and sometimes aback to aback weeks.

So you're whining, because I'm arena DKT because that's what I acquisition fun and relaxing? I bought the bold I can play it about I ambition to.

You're abridgement of compassionate of amusing differences makes me anticipate you're the one that needs some accompany lol. Just because you don't play DKT and I do doesn't accomplish me accessible to criticism.

You're on the Internet basically arrant about me arena DKT, because that's what I acquisition adequate and enjoyable? That's the saddest bits I've anytime heard FIFA 18 Coins.

You say you don't accord a bits if you're arena WL, but you're 24-4. Either you're lying about not giving a bits or you're not 24-4.

Mar/12/2017 PST