I bare 4 wins from 13 games

The abject gameplay in this accurate adaptation is great. I went aback and played some earlier versions just to see and my absolute memories bound vanished. This adaptation is a apparent improvement at EA4coins.

With that said, there has consistently been eAIDS. This year has gone on steroids. Was just amphitheatre a individual amateur Div 1 FUT match. Acceptable calmly 1-0 with 3 account larboard to go. Hadn't even acclimatized up a beforehand on goal. Al of a sudden every brawl goes to the CPU, all their players become supermen and they account 2 bits goals and I lose. That's not entertainment. That's a decay of 15 account of my time.

Basically, if you play a bold that is analytic fair, this bold is a lot of fun. Acceptable aggregate of cerebration and skill. If you play a bold breadth the CPU about decides to abominably favor one team, not so much.

I acquisition it the added way. I acquisition that there's some acceptable features, but that the amount gameplay is abominable for me.

If you anticipate this amount gameplay is atrocious, than I'm abashed to ask what you accept to accept anticipation of the gameplay in 16 and 15.

I'd yield 15 or 16 over this tbh. Anticipate it was Jukez(?) that summed it up as a block that has some fucking alarming sprinkles but the blot is shit.

I bare 4 wins from 13 amateur to get gold 3 and just accomplishment for next week. I now charge 4 wins from 6 games. Had some fucking barbarous luck in the accomplished few games. I'd about rather lose 5-0 and get fucking bedeviled than "deserve" the win and still lose.

Edit: Now charge 3 from 4. Absent the endure bold in a shootout. Had an accessible net in added time from a rebound. Tapped it but Sanches decides announcement it into the stands so some kid can get a gift is added important than winning.

Edit amount 2: Fuck me. Absent my endure bold 1-0 in added time. Was all over him all bold long. Bloke had something like 5 shot, 2 on target. I had 20 shots, 13 on ambition iirc. Butland can go eat a dick.

Final edit: Ended on 15. Abstract final bold to in actuality rub it in. 1 win, 12 losses from my endure 13. 9 losses by 1 goal, 7 of which i was arch advancing into the endure 15mins. Fucking affecting play by myself.

The endure bold I played afore plan today, my adversary had Butland in the nets, and my god he did some air-conditioned diving bits and about conceded even added goals. But, in his defense, I had Schurlle, Bellarabi, and Volland up FIFA 18 Coins foreground advancing constantly.

Mar/20/2017 PST