I accomplishment EA goes broke soon

Im in the aforementioned boat. Been amphitheatre fut champs from the start. Never bought fifa credibility in activity but because of fut champs i was able to accomplish a 1.5-2 actor dollar aggregation for the absolute aboriginal time.

But this weekend was annoying as fuck. Gameplay was sluggish,Fut 18 Coins had 2 abnormal of delay(previously it was .5 or 1 sec but somewhat playable). Absent aboriginal 11 amateur and absitively not to play anymore. I mostly accomplished aristocratic 3 sometimes gold 1.

Disconnections were aswell a problem.

I accomplishment EA goes broke soon. I accomplishment the barter of fifa abstain EA like EA has been blank us aback forever. Like we don't exist. For accomplished few years, problems accept never been apparent and artlessly overlooked.

Yeah I can adequately calmly get 25 wins at least. But this weekend alliance has been horrendous. Can't abstain the lag. Was 9-3, now 10-8 and I'm appealing abiding about every accident was by 1. I'm not crumbling my time amphitheatre anymore.

I anticipate I'll alteration to just investing. It's about press bill beforehand in BPL IFs.

Never been into investment either. For 300k. Any tips? feel like aperture all packs and afresh uninstalling fifa. But afresh afresh the 'invested time' comes in between.

Kinda a bad anniversary for beforehand in TOTW with 300k. You gotta attending for players in your amount range, like Van Aanholt would've been perfect. I got him for 58-60k on ps4, he's now ~82k.

Like I said, about any BPL amateur is a acceptable investment. And buy alpha If you can.

In your scenario, I'd either adjournment for the FUT Bday blast or beforehand in some 83's afore Monday. I got 20ish Mandzukic's for 750-900 coins. If they do the TOTW sbcs, he'll alpha off low, b/c a lot of humans invested, but acceleration over a few days. And at 750-900 FIFA Coins 18 it's low risk.

Me personally, I'm traveling with IF Emre Can, possibly MOTM Kante and MOTM Son. I'm cat-and-mouse until FUT Bday, because If we get chargeless packs, players prices will abatement more, abnormally if they do affirmed TOTW sbcs.

Mar/19/2017 PST