I absent to arguably the affliction player

Yo congrats on the almanac bro! Mine is similar, and I too am aggravating my a** off to breach into the top 100. BRO.. I'm at a point area I in actuality don't apperceive what to do anymore. I started 9-0 this WL,FIFA 18 Coins Cheapest and am now 9-3. So yeah, the asphyxiate has begun. I usually boilerplate Aristocratic 1/2. Man, any help/advice for a brotha in a agnate situation?

I apperceive the activity man, one anniversary i went 18-0 and afresh went 24-4. the best admonition i can accord is to breach calm and accept fun with the game, that's if you'll play your best fifa. aswell convenance your penalties, i lose the majority of my amateur bc of penalties, i just blot at them!

It's candidly the affliction activity lol. If I absent my aboriginal game, I absent to arguably the affliction amateur I've anytime played in FUT Champs. Got tilted, played two added and actuality I am :D! So yeah, I can accede with blockage calm lol. And candidly surprisingly I'm adequate at pens.

I'm just in a abrogating accompaniment area idk what band to use, formation, custom approach etc...That will get me to top 100. I apperceive I accept the skill/ability to do it, just about execution.

Right now, if I advertise all my players I accept like 20 high-end SBC/Red IFs that I could use and like 1.5-2 actor coins. All I apperceive is I adulation Pogba, Smalling, and SBC Suarez. Any tips/ideas?

All i can say is ronaldo and otw aigrette at striker and potm hazard at cam is a baleful trio! i've absent out on top 100 by accomplishment credibility like 4 or 5 times now, i apperceive i can get there i just allegation to breach focused throughout all 40 games.

You should try play your amateur beforehand if your missing it by abilities points, the beforehand you play in the weekend the added accomplishment credibility you get.

Mar/03/2017 PST