EA has a STRONG incentive

It in fact doesn't advice EA, at all. They don't get added royalties if humans play on the MS console. As you argued added down, that's just asinine.

As anyone abroad acicular out, EA has a STRONG allurement to accumulate humans on Origin, as they don't acquire to accord out their 30% cut on FUT purchases to anyone but themselves, clashing on PS4 and XB1.

Why don't they focus their activity on PC? Partly because it's a abate install abject - there are abundant beneath humans who are both abeyant FIFA barter and own PCs as able as a PS4/XB1 - and partly because PCs are inherently added expensive to advance for FIFA 18 Coins.

Want to QA a bug on PS4? You acquire to analysis 3 systems, 2 of which are finer identical PS4/PS4 Slim/PS4 Pro. XB1? 2 systems - X1 and X1S.

Got a bug on PC? Multiply the bulk of video cards by the bulk of CPUs by the bulk of operating systems that can run FIFA. You're already in the hundreds if you ambition agnate coverage.

Also, Windows 7/10 are accessible systems, acceptation it is abundant abundant abundant easier to install cheating software. And again, this is bold the abandoned variables you accede are CPU x GPU x Windows.

It's not a conspiracy, it's just business. Even the a lot of inferior ambassador assassin to Buy FUT Coins plan on an EA appellation understands it's inefficient to absorb as abundant of their dev account on PC as they absorb on the two capital animate versions.

If they approved to, they would be laughed out of EA Canada, not because they weren't arena alternating with an anti-PC conspiracy, but because they were acutely abhorrent at their jobs.

Source: I'm a above EA Sports ambassador and accepted business buyer of a multi-platform game.

Average animate players spends added money on FIFA than boilerplate PC player. Why not try to about-face the playerbase to the added assisting platform?

On agent they dont acquire to allotment profits from their game...They dont acquire to pay for patches...

Mar/06/2017 PST