EA absolutely did bin the Arena

How about accepting able to practise with your pro from pro clubs also? Drives me crazy that you can't, could be so accessible for that bold mode!

I'd adulation to blend about with chargeless bang styles/stances so i can in actuality annual them in clubs.

Anyone apperceive what appearance Pogba has? b/c he's the abandoned abecedarian I annual fks with and I affirm I've approved every individual one on my pro clubs abecedarian but they're never like Pogba's.

It would be alarming if there was a abstracted convenance amphitheatre aural FUT airheaded area you can use your players, change camera settings, etc. as able-bodied as do accomplishment games.

Basically what I was traveling to animadversion too, no use to me to acquire Ronaldo in the amphitheatre again Diego Costa or Lukaku cutting in the accomplishment games.

EA absolutely did bin the Amphitheatre and convenance approach off didn't they?. I don't see why we can't actualize our own little training regimes in a convenance mode.

Like we'd be able to add cones and added little obstacles to represent players so we can convenance specific accomplishment moves etc.

There are already some training modes. But accomplishing your own should be absolutely fun.

We acclimated to acquire it so you could do a abounding convenance approach with your absolute FUT band vs. the AI.Just accession abundant affection that EA removed because it was in the bold and didn't accomplish them added money.

EA should add a huge bulk of accepting to UT but are they fuck traveling to do it we'll get an easier way to buy fifa credibility in 18 and that'll be all.

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Mar/23/2017 PST