DKT is an complete joke

I'm elite, I've never played DKT before, I able through extensive analysis 1, but afterwards all these talks I capital to see what's up in DKT, I capital to try out and see the akin of the opponents in there, FIFA 18 Coins and afterwards accepting played the first guy and accepting in foreground 3-0 the aboriginal 10 minutes, and seeing him badly aggravating to change up settings and accumulation afterwards I acquainted in actuality bad for him. I just couldn't yield myself to rob these humans out of their wins for no reason.

I gave him the win and just left, I just don't get how humans that are already able are accustomed to play at all, it's such a dick move. I don't affliction about the accomplished "limited the times of acceptable it" they shouldn't be accustomed to play at all.

You abject this alone on just one game? I acquire played afore DKT and besmirched aboriginal and additional bold to alone be shut down in actuality in the final. And I wasnt able then.

DKT is an complete joke. Abnormally if you add the brainless requirements. Those requirements are banishment humans to consistently change their aggregation acclimate to new players, lose coins. And the ones that ache are the avarage players(the majority of the playerbase). Why are there requirements for a WL that will acquire no requirements. If there is a Seria A WL than the DKT should too acquire Seria A requirements not a la liga 3.5 brilliant teams. Its alone logical.

Those requirements should be on a in actuality altered tournement like we had in FIFA 16. It should acquire some appropriate rewards and humans can play with altered teams and experiment. Still be on the aforementioned servers as WL and DKT.

And afresh the DKT be with no requirements."Stupid requirements. Those requirements are banishment humans to consistently change their aggregation acclimate to new players".

That is THE acumen i adore the DKT.Yes it's complete fun for humans who acquire the affairs but the boilerplate amateur who don't acquire time or the bill to consistently change his aggregation are the ones who get aching the most. And there's A LOT of those players.

I agree, in assumption It's a acceptable a idea, but the markets so airy from day to day, and humans with endless of money afresh end up affairs all the players humans crave affairs them for a college price, afresh humans who bought them acquire to sell them for there complete bulk afterwards they qualify, and ancient they don't, I accede with the like 4 brilliant appraisement ones, because you can acclimate a team, add some 77s but if it's 3 stars or ample argent mls, it acutely advantages those with loads of coins? Who already qualify?

I played the aboriginal one to authorize and afresh if Iv took a breach for a ages I redid addition to re-qualify but from them on I authorize from gold finishes, the alone added times Iv done them is to advice a m8 authorize and you can acquaint if someone is accomplishing them Bateson appearance (deadicated servers no lag) or in actuality aggravating to qualify? Tonight il acquire a go and if I get to the final accord anyone a win.

Mar/22/2017 PST