A able SBC adviser for Saurez

I apperceive for a actuality I would acquire admired one if I did Suarez.

First- Suarez is my best amateur in my club. I havent spent one alone penny on this bold except for affairs the game, and he is by far my best player, I had griezmann afore and this Suarez lives up to his reputation.

Reasons why you should go do the SBC If youre advertent on accomplishing this SBC, you charge to accept brace of things. Suarez is a 94 rated card. He is the bigger adaptation than his 94 IF. He is the SECOND best Suarez agenda appropriate afore his TOTY. Hes traveling to accomplish and accomplish cool blockhead runs for me.

How to use Suarez You can not, CAN NOT out run the centermost backs if you acquire ascendancy of Suarez. You CAN NOT out physique them. You acquire to use your dribbling and some tiki taka blazon of casual to advice you access your opponent.

Now I use an engine chem appearance on him, his cutting is already so abutting to perfect. Engine will access his antithesis and advice easier with shooting.

SBC GUIDE This is important!!! If accomplishing this SBC, do not accept youre traveling to accomplish your money back. You charge to be accessible to accord up 600k-750k for this SBC. DO NOT ASSUME YOURE GOING TO MAKE YOUR MONEY BACK!!!

This point is so important b/c humans anticipate that 250k is added than abundant to get SBC suarez done because they see reddit column of humans packing crazy packs. THOSE ARE THE EXCEPTIONS. Acquire abundant money to do the SBCs. If you alone acquire 250k breach abroad from this SBC, you will be broke.

What I acclaim is acquire about 400k-500k ready. AND MOST IMPORTANT: BID ON YOUR PLAYERS! DO NOT DO BUY NOW FOR YOUR PLAYERS! DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT BUY THEM, PLEASE BID!!!! You will save so abundant money. This adviser is for the poor people, and the accustomed humans like myself. I am not affluent in this game. I ambition I had boko of dollars but I dont.

Do ALL OF THE MONEY MAKING SBCs FIRST! So in this annual it would be - Malaga FC, RC Deportivo, RCD Espanyol, Complete Beatis, Complete Sociedad, SD Eibar, Sevilla FC, Valencia, Villareal.

Next do the ones that you will lose money (Minus the BIG THREE) -CA Osauna, Deport. Alaves, Granada CF

Now do the ones that you will not lose money or accretion -Athletic Bilboa, CD Leganes, Celta Vigo, UD Las Palmas

THE BIG THREE!!!!! Brace of credibility Aboriginal of all the big three youre gonna lose money, unless you backpack big. Additional of all, try to get the big-ticket players EITHER AFTER WL(Monday), AFTER THURSDAYS(During WL REWARDS). Or even bigger if FutBirthday happens, buy them if the bazaar ability blast for a bit, because anybody a lot of acceptable advertise their squads to do the packs and what not. (if theres a fut birthday)

Overall Action would be to accessible the packs appropriate afterwards anniversary SBC, because you ability backpack some players for the next SBC. Use futbin to advice you accomplish the squads,FIFA 18 Coins and be accessible to rip through players with SBC Suarez.

Good luck anybody actuality are my references for this little adviser i made.

Mar/21/2017 PST